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About the Faculty

A Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program was established at Faculty of Medicine, University of Saba Region in 2020 in order to contribute to improving the health situation in the local community. The faculty received the first batch in the academic year 2020-2021.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program seeks to provide an attractive learning environment by keeping abreast of the strategy of modern teaching methods that contribute to the preparation of competent physicians who are able to understand and meet the needs of the community and provide a health service with a high level of professionalism and medical knowledge. The faculty conducts its programs through a variety of learning opportunities, including problem-based learning, the study system, and the duration of six years followed by a training year spent by the graduate in clinical training called internship.

Dean of Faculty


Faculty of Medicine at University of Saba Region was newly established and is considered the first of its kind in the region. Therefore, we are keen that our steps towards building and developing the faculty should be strong, using several means, including the development of the operational plan to achieve quality standards by formulating a message and appropriate goals. The faculty aspires to provide distinguished medical services to the community through developing the components of the educational and administrative process and activating scientific research as well as emphasizing academic accreditation and quality assurance. The Faculty of Medicine also seeks to keep pace with the development and provide the faculty's staff (academics and administrators) with the skills and capabilities required for that. Moreover, the Faculty also pays great attention to our students and puts them at the top of its priorities in line with its mission, which aims to graduate distinguished doctors who are competent and committed to medical ethics.

In order to reach a high level of quality and professionalism, we were keen on the participation of the staff of the faculty in the preparation and formulation of the strategic plan to achieve a great degree of desire for effective implementation and taking into account the increase in the percentage of everyone's sense of responsibility towards the achievement of this plan and the continuous upgrading of our distinguished scientific edifice.

The Strategic Guidelines


Excellence in medical education and scientific research to meet the needs of the community at the local and regional levels.


Preparing and qualifying distinguished medical cadres scientifically and professionally characterized by professional ethics; by providing educational programs in line with modern knowledge, providing an educational and research environment that stimulates learning and creativity, and a competent academic cadre; according to quality standards and academic accreditation, and achieving effective partnerships; in a way that contributes to serving the community locally and regionally.


  • 1- Providing students with the necessary knowledge to practice the medical profession efficiently and competently.
  • 2- Providing students with the skills to apply medical sciences in accordance with professional ethics, conducting scientific research, and continuing education.
  • 3- Supplying medical institutions with cadres armed with outstanding professional competencies and skills.
  • 4- Building cooperation and partnership relationships with similar institutions locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • 5- Providing an educational and research environment that stimulates learning to ensure the development of students' scientific and professional capabilities.